Late Musings

(I wrote this Tuesday morning on the train but forgot to post it on Tuesday)

So it's raining this morning - it will be interesting to see what I think of the train walk in the rainy season (I'm writing this on the train - haven't done it yet, although I will have by the time it's posted).

This weekend we got some nice work done on the house. A big shout-out to Cyrus here, who was a huge help in getting some wires run. I have both of the surround speakers wall-mounted now, and no wires in the hallway! We did end up running one speaker wire up the well - the exterior wall in our living room has horizontal stud running inside it, so we couldn't run the speaker through it. But I've got some flat wire that looks pretty good against the wall, and it's paintable so I can paint it as well. I put a few holes in the wall, but I've puttied those already, and can paint it this weekend. (Hot domestic tip - if you have a chunk of drywall you can take it into Home Depot and get them to match the color. I got a quart of touchup paint for our living room for less than 9 bucks.) Karin bought and installed some nice curtains in the bedroom and got a new matching bedspread. Now we can open the window and get the air without the one badly angled streetlamp hitting me square in the face. Of course, now it's rainy and cold and we close the window - but the possibility is there!

I got the beta for Jump To Lightspeed on Saturday and I've gotten to play it a little. The beta server is odd - the normal economy isn't functioning (everyone is testing space combat) so some parts don't work quite right but it's certainly a cool idea. One of the things I'm still curious to see is how the community takes to jamming two disparate games together like this. The ground combat could NOT be more different than the space combat. The balancing seems to be that space is not a profitable enterprise, at least not space combat.