The Scooter, The Party, The Music and The Novel

So I saw many of my loyal readers last night, but for the sake of completeness I'll note that the scooter got dropped, and I think permanently. As you'll recall as of Wednesday morning I was quite enamored of the scooter. Well Wednesday evening on the way back to Caltrain I got to the point where I was a little comfortable with it, and my mind wandered from obsessively worrying about cracks in the pavement. I wouldn't describe it as pride, more complacency. But apparently complacency can goeth before a fall as well. I hit a bit of sidewalk where a tree root had forced it up, and discovered that the scooter will quite happily stop, pitch around it's front wheel and throw you into the ground. Indeed it converts all of your forward momentum into downward force. So. I wrenched my left wrist and pinky finger and skinned my knee. So Thursday I just walked the damn thing, which was quite pleasant and actually fits my schedule very nicely. That's today's plan as well and I think it will be the de facto plan. Both the scooter and the rollerblades would be faster (the scooter already WAS faster, and I'm sure the rollerblades would be if I just practiced a little), but they require attention. I'm happier with walking, which I can do on autopilot and without injury. It's a nice walk (albeit quite suburban) and the two walks every day are good exercise.

On other notes . . . we're having an open house party to "officially" unveil the new digs tomorrow. I use quotes because we've already had several people over on three different occasions. If you read this blog and you're local you ought to be invited already. We're not completely unpacked, but we are unpacked in all of the common areas and our bedroom. Just the two offices and the guest room aren't completely unpacked and I hope to finish the guest room tomorrow, pre-party.

I have a new album that I really like and should have mentioned much sooner. Right before the actual move I purchased Jem's Finally Woken on iTunes and listened to it fairly incessantly during the move itself. (Album website here and iTunes Store) It's a perfect blend of upbeat infectious tunes, and then when you start listening to the words you kind of go "Hey that's a little dark." It's two great tastes that always go great together. I really like her sound - she keeps a very lush track playing behind her vocals.

I also picked up the new Scissor Sisters album (iTunes). I mention that mainly for the completely awesome cover of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb It's disco, and it's amazing. Check it out. The rest of the album is . . . decent. It's pleasant, nothing I don't like exactly. But it's definitely the one track that elevates up to being blog-worthy. That one track has climbed to the top of my iTunes "Top 25 Most Played". In fact . . . (wanders off to add it to the Party Shuffle for play next. Mmmmmm Beethoven right to disco Floyd covers. My random eclectic musical tastes sure love shuffling from a vast library of randomness. :-))

OH! Last little link. Today is October 1st and signups for NANOWRIMO start today. That little mouthful stands for NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth, and the basic idea is that you write a 50,000 word novel (well novella maybe) during the month of November. I'm going to do it this year - I'll sign up later today. That's where a large chunk of the train time is going to go, and a big reason why I wanted a Powerbook this fall. I can work on the Mac - Windows machines are always half-broken in some stupid way and I can lose a lot of time to fiddling with them. Anyway, I think it's a pretty cool site and concept, and I think it should be a fun project. Of course check back with me in mid-November and see if I agree! :-)