HTML in comments?

So Brian mentions here that not being able to post HTML in Movable Type comments has tripped him up on occasion. I did a spot of research, and it literally is a checkbox in a configuration screen to turn it on or off. I think the default is off to ensure that evildoers can't create popups, run Java code and the like. (Hell for all I know IE has added an ActiveX control to allow you to reformat readers hard disks. So that you can install new widgest from Powerpoint or some such.)

(Note that it does allow hyperlinking currently, but no HTML formatting. )

Anyway, does this really bother people? There is a school of thought that says I should turn it on until somebody abuses it. Then there is a school of thought that says comments are currently under attack anyway, this isn't the time to relax the iron fist of control. Post your opinions (in plain text, please :-) in comments!