The joy of independent radio!

So I'm driving home today, bopping along to whatever was playing on the radio. I happened to be listening to Live 105 at the time, when a longish commercial came on. The gist of the commercial was some programming director explaining how they were going to play "deeper cuts", and used only local DJ's, and didn't think music came out of a focus group in New Jersey, blah, blah, blah. I thought to myself "Hmm, that's interesting that they think a backlash against Clear Channel is marketable."

About 20 minutes later I thought "Hey, I thought they WERE a Clear Channel station. In fact I thought almost everything on my dial (when do phrases die out? I mean, my car is old, but a dial? Who am I, Henry Ford?) these days was Clear Channel. It piqued my interest enough to check.

Live 105 is owned by Infinity Broadcasting. I find several references claiming that Infinity is the second largest radio conglomerate in the US. So, you GO Live 105! Strike a blow for the small independent multi-billion dollar radio station Voltrons of the world!

Oddly enough almost every preset on my radio is owned by Infinity. The first time I ever noticed radio station ownership was back when several stations just started running Clear Channel contests, and actually having a Clear Channel branded news programming. There was a couple of weeks where you could flip amongst four different stations and they would ALL be playing the same flipping commerical about this contest.

And now Newscorp wants to buy DirectTV. Ain't monopolies grand?