Pirate Music - Well Duh!

I can't believe it took me over a day to realize I need a copy of Pirates of Penzance for me piratey puzzlin' playlist! Unfortunately, iTunes has let me down in this regard, as it only has a generic "Overtures" and the Mikado for Gilbert & Sullivan.

On a tangential note, iTunes is fairly humorous when it fails a search: "Did you mean Yahir? Your search 'Yarrr!' did not match any results." I can't remember the search I put in that came up with some entirely different (but long) phrase that it wanted me to try instead. It does suggest "Hidden Peter" instead of Hidden Jester. Insert your own joke here.

Googling dug this up, which looks somewhat promising: The Bilge Pumps - a Pirate music group from Texas.

So I'm downloading the Overture album now, but I'll actually have to hit a store tomorrow and see if I can acquire a copy of Penzance on CD.